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The complete works of Hua Huo's short stories (7th Dec 22 at 1:21am UTC)
From the roadside stereo shop comes the sound of nature, which begins with: Are you the one? The lyrics made my heart skip a beat. This is not my favorite singer, nor is it the band Coldplay that you recommended. I actually don't like Coldplay. But in order to get a common topic with you, I reluctantly listen. I even prefer to hide in the bedroom and listen to the noisy rock and roll, such as Linkin Park. I am inexplicably melancholy. When I saw a warm smile on his face, I thought, he must be waiting for the girl he loves. They must be going on a sweet date this beautiful weekend. Not long after, the phone rang and I couldn't hear his voice. However, I saw his expression from sunny to cloudy. Then the girl in the gray woolen skirt came lightly. He handed her the parasol. Hand her the phone. She quickly removed the beaded chain. And return the phone to him. Say, we're done. At the end of that sentence, I was very affectedly sad. Poor boy. He must be crossed in love. He must be very sad. He looked at the back of the girl. Stand in a withered position. For a moment he turned his head and saw me. I became embarrassed. Like a very rude peeper. That's when I first met him. Later, we had some unexpected contacts. Gradually become friends. It is such a simple beginning and process. I don't want to go into details. He's not my man. I'm not one of his people. We are just two people who are frustrated and wronged in the world of mortals with thousands of troubles. I always have you in my heart. All the time. When I listen to songs, when I read books, when I eat, when I sleep. I always have you in my heart. I wonder why you don't love me. And I can't get out. But one day he suddenly locked me with his eyes very seriously. When I was caught off guard, he said he liked me. My pink boy. He's so sincere. He said that this is the consequence of living together. I panicked. I have no master. Throw away your armor. I ran away. I can't wait to find you. I want to ask you if I become the one in the hands of others, will you feel sorry for me. That's when I saw you paired off with yours. Walk hand in hand, two love. Ohh. I think I should wake up. I pretend to say goodbye to you in the dark. I'm gonna go home and throw away all the Coldplay. Then,potassium sulphate fertilizer, go and tell him that I will. It's like saying that in front of Father in church: Yes,I do. Do you think it's okay? The blue sky we forgot together Time: 2008-12-15 Source: Fireworks 200812B Author: Mo Xiaoba Font: Large, Medium and Small Color: Red, Green and Blue Default [Add Collection] Heat: 2420 When I first met Gu Jianchuan, he was beaten on the ground by the village bully legion led by Ergouzi. His eyes, clear as a spring, were stubbornly stained with anger, and his soft hair was covered with gray dust. Ergouzi and others are obviously going to win an overwhelming victory in this battle of bullying the few with the many. Not far away from them sat a strange woman with a big red flower on her head, holding a strange dog with the same big red flower on her head in her arms. She cheered Ergouzi and them while laughing. This style led me to think I was back to my childhood when I saw Yang Erche Namu on TV later. I returned to the small village where there was no refrigerator available. At that time, Magnesium Sulphate price ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, I was very angry and thought, "Well, Ergouzi, you even brought cheerleaders, obviously bullying the new compatriots in the village.". So my sense of justice is like a shining thunder that strikes my heavenly spirit. Well, don't torment me with that kind of disdainful eyes. I admit that it was because I saw Gu Jianchuan on the ground like a white porcelain doll and the most beautiful boy I had ever seen in six years that I gave birth to the heart of a hero to save the United States. If I were someone else, I would have joined the ranks of Ergouzi.
Like all the outlaws, I shouted, "Stop!" Then, while Ergouzi was looking at me with two lines of snot, I rushed over with lightning speed and kicked him to the ground. At that time, Ergouzi was still young and did not know what pity was, so when he got up shakily, he resolutely decided to lead his men to attack me. As I clenched my fangs and fought to the death, Gu Jianchuan stood up and patted the dust on his body and said to the pirated Yang Erche Namu, "Mom, let's go home." I was pushed to the ground by Ergouzi. The dust was flying under the scorching sun. I watched Gu Jianchuan lead his mother farther and farther through the dust. I reached out to wipe the nosebleed and comforted myself. Gu Jianchuan must have forgotten. He forgot that I joined the battle to save him, and he forgot that I was only a six-year-old girl, but Ergouzi was seven years old at that time, and had eaten 365 days more than me, which was enough to be the key to his victory. But who doesn't forget something. So I quickly forgave Gu Jianchuan, the little boy who was as clean as the steaming rice in the morning, so beautiful that I wanted to drool every time I saw him. At the same time, I opened my fangs and bit Ergouzi's ear fiercely. His mournful and solemn voice suddenly resounded through the whole sky. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Ergouzi has a very artistic name called Suzhou River. Later, Gu Jianchuan's mother was also given a very literary name by the villagers, called crazy woman. That day, after I bit Ergouzi and cried for his father and mother, he came to my house with his mother to witness that I was disciplined by my mother and cried for my father and mother. When I cried and howled to express my grievance and indignation, I saw Gu Jianchuan standing in the sunset and watching me quietly. His face looked as if it had been coated with warm light under the windswept orange sky,Magnesium Oxide powder, and his dark eyes were staring at me, his lips tight. Incredibly, I grinned at him with tears on my face. stargrace-magnesite.com
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