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Fierce man (7th Dec 22 at 1:23am UTC)
There was silence in the cave, and everyone could hear their own heartbeat, in addition to the heavy breathing of their companions. Ghost. The ghost hit the wall. Fei Qing shrank in Bian Xiaoou's arms and trembled. He Yunkai's breath was getting thicker and thicker. He muttered to himself, "It's impossible. How can it be possible? Two identical caves. No, I want to go again." He suddenly turned and ran into the corridor alone. He Yunkai, come back and don't go alone. Liang Yingwu hurriedly shouted, but at this time, how could He Yunkai listen to his words. Liang Yingwu hurriedly ran into the hole, I followed him also ran in, behind me, all the students also ran. The two bends soon turned, and when we ran out of the corridor again, the flashlight still shone on the dry bones on the ground. He Yunkai squatted not far from the entrance of the cave, holding his head in his hands and grasping his hair with his fingers. My eyes slowly swept over the dry bones in front of me, and the thought came to my mind: Are these people trapped here? That year, they also walked in, and then found that they could not go out again? "Man hole", such a name,304 Stainless Steel Coil, is it because, this is a person into the hole can no longer come out, is a man-eating hole! "Calm down, don't panic, although we have encountered a very special situation, but if a mess, it will only make the incident worse and worse." Liang Yingwu's words did not have much effect,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and panic has inevitably spread among these young people. Listen to me, we still have hope. You should know that Nado is not an ordinary journalist. He has experienced more strange and dangerous things than this before. He is very experienced in this kind of incident. With him here, we can find a way out. I really experienced the means of Liang Yingwu, really for the purpose of what tricks are used out, the identity of their own X institutions can not be exposed, in order to appease the mood of the students, first betrayed me. But under such circumstances, it is obviously very important to find a person to rely on, Liang Yingwu said so, no doubt let me expect everyone in one, a heavy burden to carry ah. As soon as the words came out, all the students looked at me, and in the light of the flashlight, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, their eyes were full of hope. I had no choice but to bite the bullet and take over Liang Yingwu's words: "Yes, I do have some experience of this kind, the most important one of which is to be calm no matter what happens, and then use reason to analyze and try all the possibilities to solve the problem." Although there was nothing substantive in what I said, the students calmed down a little. Everyone cleared up a space, checked their carry-on luggage, and then took out water and food and piled them together. Liang Yingwu saw that everyone could listen and immediately issued substantive instructions. Many of the students looked at me before they did so. I nodded, in such circumstances, I can still feel a little proud in my heart, really a little admire myself. Everyone kicked the bones aside with their feet and tidied up an open space of about sixty or seventy square meters. I took off the backpack on my back, sat on the ground and opened it, and by the light of the flashlight, I looked at what might be useful in such a place. After a long time of use, the light of the flashlight has weakened a lot. I smiled bitterly in my heart. I used to laugh at the students for bringing too many snacks, but now I don't know how long it will take to get out of trouble. It seems that most of the useful things in my bag are the least of all. Fortunately, I have a special nylon rope for climbing, a knife, and an infrared night vision telescope that may be useful at any time. I took out the things in the bag one by one, and then used the flashlight to look carefully at the corners of the bag to see what was leaking. Opening the front zipper, I found that there were two large batteries. With a shock in my heart, I quickly took out the battery and stuffed it into my pocket. I said loudly to Liang Yingwu and others: "From now on, everyone should save flashlights. Who has spare batteries should be counted first. After tidying up things, everyone should keep two long flashlights and turn off everything else.".
” By the time I said this, it was too late. Everyone's flashlight was the same as mine, showing yellow instead of the strong white light at the beginning. In this cave, if there is no light, it will really drive people crazy. Let's take a look. If there are things that can be burned, including lighters, they should also be kept together. Liang Yingwu turned off his flashlight and added. There are a lot of food collected, but most of them are puffed food, although the taste is very good, but not full, only seven or eight boxes of biscuits, the most useful box of compressed biscuits is contributed by Liang Yingwu. Then there are two square legs and a few sausages. Drinks include milk, yogurt and cola. I'm not too worried about this, although people can persist for a much shorter time without water than without food, but if the pool is all right, it's almost unlimited water. I had an early lunch and did so much exercise, and now my stomach has begun to cry. The food was far more than that, but most of it was piled up at the foot of the mountain with large luggage. Turn off the flashlight. I saw that most people were still dilly-dallying and did not turn off the flashlight until the flashlight ran out to see how they cried. Here, only with light can we find out the key and successfully get out of this "human hole". Zhu Zili and He Yunkai held flashlights and kept alert around them. The others were about to turn off. Urged by Liang Yingwu, there were soon only two yellow lights left in the whole cave. Compared with these two lights,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, the phosphorescence of the human bones on the ground around them is more conspicuous. Everyone's heart is cold just thinking about what these phosphorescent lights represent. Hell I suddenly scolded myself and took out my cell phone from my waist. Shocked, how can I forget this? As long as I can keep in touch with the outside world, it's no problem to find a way out. sxthsteel.com
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