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Beauty falls into the city (wear quickly) (7th Dec 22 at 1:32am UTC)
One word brief introduction: In ancient times, there was a beautiful woman in a chaotic country, and now there is a daughter of the Ye family who brings disaster to the world. One sentence introduction: There is nothing that can't be solved by one smile. If there is, then two. Tips: The heroine Meimei Meimei, Su Shuang, the heroine is a golden statuette favored by God. The heroine Meimei Meimei, in addition to the United States there is nothing else, the heroine everywhere to show mercy, only flirt not marry, the thunder is careful to enter! Content tag: through time and space hit the face quickly wear cool text Search Keyword: Protagonist: Ye Liuqing Supporting Role: Other: Chapter 1 Princess National Color (1). "Boom!" A thunderclap across the sky, a dazzling beam of light across the whole earth, as if lit up everything around him, Xi Zijun laughed, his face was wet, he could not tell whether it was rain or tears, he wiped the drops of water off his face, suddenly poured a mouthful of wine, and laughed in the gloomy rainy night. Can there be such a crazy and horrible side? Pedestrians hurrying around looked at him almost in horror, and those who didn't know thought that a madman had come to Chang'an, but Xi Zijun didn't care at all. Without her, he was different from the madman? Without her, he would rather be a madman! At least It won't hurt that much. Xi Zijun stumbled two steps forward, then suddenly fell to the ground, the muddy water ran wantonly across him, splashing his robe, the wine jar exploded beside him, the fragments directly across his cheek, leaving a deep trace,ceramic bobbin heater, blood dripping down, flowing in the rain. Xi Zijun was so stupefied that he looked at the drops of blood flowing out in the rain, and then looked up to the sky with a smile and collapsed tears. "-Liu Qing!"! Liu Qing! Did you see that! Did you see that?! "Without you, I am nothing!" "I'm in pain." I'm really in pain! "I'm bleeding." Liu Qing.. I'm bleeding. Xi Zijun's roar gradually filled with pain, he crawled on the ground, almost pleading and shouting, "Look at me." Look at me. Liu Qing.. I'm bleeding. "Do you really leave me alone?" "Liu Qing.." Liu Qing.. Do you really leave me alone?! "Don't you love me the most?" "Aren't you the least aware of my pain?" "Liu Qing.." Liu Qing..! I'm in pain now! Did you see that! I'm in pain! "You help me." Help me..! "Liu Qing.." Liu Qing..! The hoarse voice was mixed with despair and pain, which made people enchanted. In a trance, Xi Zijun seemed to see a figure. She was still wearing a long red dress, which made her skin like snow and her face like jade. She came to her slowly, step by step, with obvious tenderness and pity in her clear eyes. She called softly: ".." Husband. Just two short words, with tenderness and entanglement, tenderness and heartache, Ceramic ferrule for stud welding ,10g Ozone Generator, and that thick. Indelible affection. An umbrella covered his head, sheltering him from the wind and rain. The cold rain could no longer hit him. The stunning woman gently touched his cheek with her fingers. Her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and she seemed to be angry and resentful. Husband, how did you make yourself look so embarrassed? "Did you mean to make me feel bad?" As she spoke, she lowered her eyebrows and eyes, and there was a bit of sobbing in her voice. Xi Zijun was at a loss in an instant. As soon as she frowned, his heart was more painful than a thousand cuts. No, no, no. No.. No.. Liu Qing.. Liu Qing.. Listen to me. "Please.." Please.. Please.. Listen to me.. Liu Qing.. Just one word made him throw away his armor and panic.
Who can imagine that the arrogant young man of the Xi family would have the word "beg" in his mouth? But to her, he was willing to say "please" a thousand times, as long as she could come back. As long as she can forgive him, As long as she can love her, Let him do anything, say anything, anything! "Liu Qing.." Liu Qing.. Liu Qing.. He did not know how to explain, only as if to read the woman's name, tone more and more tangled/soft, with a strong affection, "Liu Qing." Liu Qing.. I love you I love you As he spoke, he could not help but touch the tip of the woman's eyebrows, as long as he could smooth her eyebrows and let him do anything, he was willing. Young master-young master! Seeing that Xi Zijun's movements were getting more and more excessive, several servants of the Xi family who were helping Xi Zijun could not help blushing. The old housekeeper of the Xi family could not help shouting: "Young master-young master!" The matchless childe, who was originally praised by the whole city of peace, now looks like this. Looking at Xi Zijun's appearance, the old housekeeper couldn't help crying. Once the young master was the cleanest. He washed his clothes at least once a day, and he didn't want to wear them again with a little dust. How could he cry and laugh in the muddy water? The young master looks like this now, all because, madam went, madam went, then the young master's soul, all took away. Young master-young master-open your eyes and look at the old slave! Cried the old steward, almost in despair. 'Madame-Madame she's gone-she's gone!' And in response to him, only in this pouring rain, one after another entangled "Liuqing", Ye Liuqing left, Xi Zijun can no longer face this world. Host.. Looking at Ye Liuqing floating in midair with an expressionless face, the system 1314 could not help whispering, "If you regret it now, we can go back, if you.." "Regret?" Ye Liuqing raised his eyebrows and asked confusedly, "Why should I regret it?" “……” System 1314 was severely choked and said weakly, "This man seems to really love you and miss you very much. If you want to spend your life with him, I can understand. Anyway, it's only a few decades.." The system 1314 endures the pain to say these several words,steatite c221, only thought that its tear must fall down, it this system does, do not want too to understand the sense of righteousness!. global-ceramics.com
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