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Broken Blade-Willow Setting Sun _ txt Novel Paradi (7th Dec 22 at 1:37am UTC)
Because, Liu Xianer sees to talk, sees the insipid person, on the face will not have this kind of intoxicating bright red! Qin Hong is not the same, the Tiger Leap Villa at the foot of Lion Head Mountain, it seems that things between men and women are still very strange, but also tender and pitiful! No one spoke, but the voice stirred in their hearts! Qin Hong's heart seems to have a deer in the impact: "Sha Chengshan, you this boy, how dare not start?"? Are you afraid I'll eat you? Sha Chengshan has contradictions in his heart. He is really hard to understand, which point of his beauty, unexpectedly made Miss Qin also another eye favor? Bite your teeth and press Chengshan Meng's building to live on Qin Hong's waist! Just a cry, Qin Hong has fallen into the arms of Sha Chengshan motionless! Seem to be-the mountain rain is about to come, the scene of the hole full of wind! Sha Chengshan had the same impulse as Qin Hongmao, and his mouth full of thick stubble was grinding on each other's tender face, neck, and even chest! Qin Hong's mouth sent out the sound of "cut Yi to accompany"-two hands were even tighter! So, in a burst of hugs and kisses, Sha Chengshan's hand touched Qin Hong's clothes button! He touched it for a while and did not untie it, but Qin Hong automatically reached out her hand. Unexpectedly, Sha Chengshan Meng Guding pressed Qin Hong's hand, and he looked up! Qin Hong one Leng, immediately half closed beautiful eyes wide open, she Leng Leng looked at the nearly dementia of Sha Chengshan! With a heavy sigh, Sha Chengshan said,wire mesh decking, "I'm sorry, Miss Qin, I lost my temper!" "It's me, it's me," said Qin Hong, swallowing a little. Willing "But I can't.." said Sha Chengshan. You can't ruin your innocence because you hold a grudge against your father! Qin Hong said heavily, "I'd rather give you my innocence than that vulgar Ha Yu!" "Forget it," said Sha Chengshan. "Let's be pure friends." Qin Hong seemed annoyed and said, "Sha Chengshan,heavy duty metal racks, you're probably not for my innocence, are you?" "I really don't want to ruin your honor easily," said Sha Chengshan. Qin Hongmeng jumped up and said, "What's the name?"? What innocence? Your heart can not get rid of the Qiu Laner who gave birth to you, you think of Qiu Landi, you still can not forget her! Sha Chengshan, you feel guilty about her in your heart, so you dare not accept my love for you, right? Sha Chengshan nodded and said, "I don't deny it." "You still admit it?"? Is it? ' Of course, most of it is for your honor. Miss Qin, Sha Chengshan is not a libertine, nor a prostitute in Jianghu. If I accept you, I will be responsible for you in this life! Qin Hong bit her lip and said, "If you were a libertine or a prostitute, I would have disdained to find you long ago." Sha Chengshan sighed and said, "Forgive me, warehouse storage racks ,heavy duty cantilever racks, Miss Qin. I can't accept anyone's love until I'm sure of the life and death of Qiu Laner's mother and son. Miss Qin.." Holding Qin Hong's shoulders, he added, "Miss Qin, you should put yourself in others' shoes."! If you're Churland.. Qin Hongmeng hugged Sha Chengshan again and said, "Sha Chengshan, although you refuse my love, I have not misjudged you. You are a real chivalrous person!" Stretching out his hands to hold Sha Chengshan's hairy face, Qin Hongcuo kissed Sha Chengshan's lips like a little water, and then turned around and walked away! Sha Chengshan hurried after him and said, "Are you leaving now?" Qin Hong did not look back. "Would you like to give me a ride?" She whispered. "Yes," said Sha Chengshan. "Aren't you going to that little village?" Asked Qin Hong. "Yes," said Sha Chengshan, "but I still want to see you off first, because I promised Jiang Housheng that I would send you back to Longteng Villa in two days." "Isn't it too late?" Yes, a day late. But as long as you go back to the Phoenix Ridge, I won't miss Jiang's appointment! Slowly out of the cave, Sha Chengshan and Qin Hong both rushed to the Ping'an Inn.
Sha Chengshan called to open the door, and the man who opened the door was stunned! "Bring out my horse quickly," said Sha Chengshan. The waiter hurriedly pulled out the black awl horse and said to Sha Chengshan, "Master, isn't your caravan.." "Not for the time being," said Sha Chengshan. "Take good care of it." Qin Hong jumped on her horse and bowed her head. "Sha Chengshan, aren't you going to see me off?" She asked. Nodding his head, Sha Chengshan said, "Miss Qin, I'll see you across the Shahe River." "One horse, two horses?" Asked Qin Hong. Sha Chengshan immediately said to the waiter, "Pull another horse!" Qin Hong suddenly jumped off the horse again and said, "You don't have to ride a horse. I'm walking!" Sha Chengshan took the horse's rope and said, "All right, I'll pull the horse for you." When the waiter saw them walking down the street, he stood in a daze at the door of the warehouse and said to himself, "Who could that woman be?" Qin Hong really did not ride again, two people walk side by side, who also did not open their mouths to say a word, Qin Hong did not, Sha Chengshan did not! However, Sha Chengshan is very clear that Qin Hong must know her father's plot, and even Jiang Housheng's plot. Zhang Changjiang once talked about the "big plan" on the Phoenix Ridge. Didn't Qin Hong know? Of course Qin Hong knows! But Qin Hong also understood that it was impossible to pull Sha Chengshan, a first-class master, to his father's side at this time. I hid my actions from my father! It turned out that Qin Hong found Sha Chengshan, not only because she admired Sha Chengshan, but also because she valued Sha Chengshan's martial arts. He believed that if Dad wanted to complete the martial arts hegemony, Sha Chengshan was an indispensable talent, because a Sha Chengshan was much more reliable than the power of Black Dragon Fort in northern Liaoning! Two people have their own worries, however, Qin Hong has a terrible worry. Sha Chengshan naturally won't know! The spring sun came out, and there was a hill ahead. Sha Chengshan pointed to the front and said, "Shiligang.". Miss Qin, we have left Fangjiaji ten miles away! Qin Hong smiled and said, "It's a pleasure to walk easily." She looked at Sha Chengshan and said, "Do you know why I don't ride a horse?" "I don't know," said Sha Chengshan lightly. "You promised to take me to the Shahe River," said Qin Hong. "The Shahe River is two hundred miles away. It won't take a day to ride a fast horse. In order to get together for a while, I chose to walk! "Miss Qin is well-intentioned.". But my heart has been in suspense about Qiu Laner's mother and son,heavy duty cantilever racks, so. "So you've been suffering in your heart, Sha Chengshan, haven't you?" 。 jracking.com
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